Can Scalp Micropigmentation Be Removed?

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation can be removed with the use of a laser removal machine.

This method exposes the treated area to high energy laser beams, breaking the pigment particles in side the skin into smaller pieces. Once the pigment particles are small enough your immune system digests them As Scalp Micropigmentation is only shallow in the skin compared to a traditional tattoo, it makes the removal process much shorter and easier.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation a Tattoo?

Scalp Micropigmentation is indeed a form of tattooing. However they’re not exactly the same and there are a few factors in the way the treatment is applied which differentiate between traditional tattooing. Equipment used, training and a specialized knowledge on how hair naturally looks to apply it into making a natural treatment are the key differences in SMP and a traditional tattoo.

It is unwise to visit a tattoo artist for your SMP treatment or any other type of hair loss treatment for that matter!

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non surgical hair loss treatment. That uses ink impressions to replicate a hair follicle at its shortest length. Similar to tattooing but differing in equipment used, training given to professionals and the application process. SMP gives the illusion of a full shaven head of hair. Restoring your hairline, eliminate balding of the crown and thickening thinning hair with instant results across 3 sessions.

Male pattern baldness, alopecia and scars can all be concealed in a natural way eliminating any tedious getting ready rituals and giving you a sharp, easily to maintain look 24/7.

What is the duration of the Treatment?

The duration of each individual Scalpmicro Pigmentation varies!

As we are replicating each hair follicle individually, its no quick process.

Obviously each job depending on your level of hair loss and desired final look means that treatment times vary.

For smaller jobs you can expect anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours per session, for an average job 2.5 to 3.5 hours per session and for longer sessions, clients that have cases such as alopecia, can expect sessions to last between 4 to 6 hours.

Number of sessions required again depends on the degree of hair loss and your final desired look. But between 2-4 is the average.

Is the Treatment effective for people with a lighter skin tone and lighter hair?

Yes we can, using our experience and pigment scale, we can mix up a colour to suit any skin tone or hair shade. Depending on how pale you are may depend on how red your skin goes after the session but as redness disappears within the first 24 hours (sometimes the first few hours), your skin will go back to its natural tone before you know it.

By mixing our specialized pigment with distilled water, we can create a natural look for any skin tone or hair shade. Having used this method for the past 4 years and on thousands of sessions, we can create the perfect shade for you.

Does the pigment used fade with time?

There is a few things that will make your treatment change/fade over time.

The first being the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Too much sun exposure makes your treatment fade over time. The rays that come off the sun are ultraviolet, which over time, breaks up the pigment particles placed in the epidermis layer of your skin. This makes the pigments over time get lighter and fade.

By making sure you protect your treatment using a factor sun cream, you can prolong how long your treatment will look crisp!

Also over time your immune system gets to the pigment within your epidermis layer, causing it to fade slowly over time.

A 1.5-2.5 hour top up every 2-6 years can restore your treatment to looking its best after any fading!

Is It Painful?

Pain levels vary from client to client. This is due to the fact everyone has a different pain threshold.

Some clients find it more irritating than others while others find it not painful at all and they can fall asleep. A mild pain/irritation is what you can expect from the treatment. But it is very bearable.

Will the pain continue after the treatment?

No, thankfully you can only feel the discomfort when the pigment is deposited into your head. Its an instant pain.

How often will I need to shave?

This depends on how fast your hair grow. But on average every 2-3 days is advised.

Do I make decisions on the way my treatment looks or does my practitioner?

Our practitioners with work with you to achieve your desired look. Should you decide to book after your consultation, you and your practitioner will go on to discuss what your desired outcome in terms of final results, shade and hair line.

By giving your practitioner as much information as possible and by showing  your practitioner examples of your desired look, they can help you ensure you get the most accurate results to what you desire.