We give every client a referral fee of 10% of whatever their friends or family pay when they have their treatment!

Make money off your own SMP!

At Sharp SMP we want our loyal customers to know that they are appreciated.

This is why we have our referral scheme in place, so that existing Sharp SMP clients can make money off of their Scalp Micropigmentation treatment!

If you refer one of your friends or family members to Sharp SMP and they decide to get booked in with us.

We will give you 10% of whatever your friends and family pay!!

Our way of saying thank you!

This is not limited on the amount of sessions they have or size/type of session.

Just make sure you tell your friends and family members the let us know at their consultation or when they book their consultation. Or alternatively contact us and give us their contact details and we can get in touch with them to get them booked in for a consultation.

As long as we know it was you who referred them then we will reward you for referring them!