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I started to notice my hair loss and it made my self confidence low.

After trying to hide my hair loss I went to Jack to get the SMP treatment. Scalp Micro Pigmentation has boosted my confidence. I don’t feel like I have to hide my hair loss behind a hat anymore.

At first my friends and families reaction was shocked to see me with my hair short, but now its normal and everyone says it suits me. There are a few lads at work who are loosing their hair and they was excited to see the results themselves.

Jack is a good lad,knows what he is doing and makes you feel very comfortable during the sessions I would recommend him to anyone who wants it doing. SMP makes me more confident on a day to day basis.

In terms of pain, I’d say its more uncomfortable than painful. It gets annoying after an hour but its bare able. The aftercare is also very simple and easy to follow.

Before I had the treatment done, I was balding in the middle and the sides where also receding. I had to cut my hair once a week to keep the sides short so you couldn’t see the contrast between hair and skin.

But now I have the treatment I am much more confident. I was hiding my hair loss behind a wooly hat or cap every single day. Now I rarely wear them and feel a lot better about my appearance.

When I first told my friends and family they was all very skeptical about this treatment. I found out about the treatment through a friend of mine who had it done, but I kept putting off getting the treatment. The moment I met Jack and saw before and after photos I knew was put at rest and knew the treatment was for me. My family and friends love my new look and how much more confident it makes me.

As well as an improved confidence, I have also noticed I save money from going to the barbers every week.

Even though I was nervous, Jack listened to my concerns and put me at ease and made sure I was comfortable throughout. At first I was worried about the pain. I have lots of tattoos on my body but I thought that it would be a lot more painful on the head but SMP doesn’t feel the same as tattoos and it is a lot less painful.

I noticed my results immediately after the first session, but after the second it really blew me away and everyone else. All my family and friends love it and tell me it looks really good, which boosts my confidence even more!

Before having Scalp Micro Pigmentation with Jack, I was completely bald, from my hairline to my crown. I was also lacking in confidence due to my hair loss.

Initially after booking my SMP treatment, I only told my family what I was going to. Naturally they panicked and was worried when I told them I was going to get a tattoo on my head for my hair loss. But once my family saw my results from Scalp Micro Pigmentation, they was very happy I went through with the procedure.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation has given me a lot of confidence. The results where pretty much instant. After the first session you could see that my hairline was beginning to take shape, after session 2 it looked more like the finished product and the third session was just perfecting the treatment.

Jack is a top class guy and he is really good at his job, I would definitely recommend him.

The aftercare is easy to follow and the treatment wasn’t painful, just a little annoying at times. It is more of an annoying feeling and it is very bearable.

No one has noticed that I have had the SMP done, people can notice a positive change in me, but they just don’t know what it is.