What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is an innovative non-surgical solution to hair loss

Hair loss at any stage of your life can be distressing even more so when it happens suddenly and prematurely.

For many this can cause a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to them throwing money at just about everything to try and salvage their hair.

Unfortunately the majority of the creams, lotions and transplants are often temporary fixes and can only further compound the misery of the person losing hair.

How can SMP help you?

Scalp Micropigmentation treatment can restore a complete bald head to appear as a short shaven full head of hair.

Results are usually visible instantly however the process really comes to life after a gradual build up of around three sessions, where small amounts of pigments are layered building up density and texture.

The process is really a work of art which is done in a subtle fashion, which is rarely identified by even the closest of relatives!

Our practitioners have a wealth of experience and have completed hundreds of treatments across the globe, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. You can check out our client testimonials here.

The majority of our clients usually fall into the following brackets, however every treatment is bespoke and structured to your needs,

We suggest you get in touch with us to discuss your requirements with us.

Aftercare for your Treatment


Days 1-4 post treatment session:For the first four days after your treatment it is important to follow the following steps to ensure your treatment stays in the best possible condition:

  • No washing or getting wet
  • No cutting or shaving your hair
  •  No moisturising treated area
  •  No excessive sweating
  •  No touching treated area

 Days 5-7 post treatment session:

  •  You can start to wash your head/hair again but only using warm water
  •  Moisturise head daily, using a fragrance free moisturiser (Moisturise as much as possible to ensure that your treatment holds the best it can)
  •  Can start to cut/hair hair on scalp again
  •  Avoid excessive sweating until after 7 days post treatment

For 28 days until after your treatment avoid the following:

  • Direct Sunlight
  •  Swimming
  •  Saunas and Steam room