SMP for Alopecia

Alopecia can cause significant distress and anxiety to those who experience the condition. From patchy and localized hair loss, known as alopecia areata, to complete head hair loss, referred to as alopecia totalis, the impact on men and women alike is severe and long lasting.

Scalp micropigmentation remains the ONLY guaranteed solution for alopecia. SMP is not a cure, but a highly effective cover-up for its symptoms that provides genuine closure for alopecia sufferers.

Utilizing thousands of tiny pigment deposits, scalp micropigmentation mimics the appearance of shaven hair in men, or for female clients or those who wish to keep their hair longer, SMP can be used to hide patches or areas of diffuse thinning. Less common types such as scarring alopecia, traction alopecia and telogen effluvium can also be disguised with scalp micropigmentation.

This modern solution is a game-changer for alopecia sufferers. No longer forced to rely on ineffective remedies like immunotherapy, corticosteroid injections and minoxidil, at last there is a real solution that offers genuine, instantaneous results.

How can SMP help you?

If you are considering scalp micropigmentation, the first step is a full assessment of your symptoms so we can determine suitability and advise the most appropriate treatment plan. Consultations can be conducted face to face or by phone with the aid of supporting photographs.

Many scalp micropigmentation technicians understand little more than the basics of the treatment process. Specialist requirements such as the concealment of alopecia or scars requires a much greater depth of knowledge to perform safely and effectively.

When a person has alopecia, the properties of their skin changes. The treatment process becomes longer and more complex, and a deeper understanding of alopecia is needed to gauge what might happen in the future so the treatment can be tailored accordingly.

We are skin and alopecia specialists, and one of the world’s leading scalp micropigmentation clinics. Clients are assured of first-class results, and exceptional service, at every stage.

Aftercare for your Treatment


Days 1-4 post treatment session:For the first four days after your treatment it is important to follow the following steps to ensure your treatment stays in the best possible condition:

  • No washing or getting wet
  • No cutting or shaving your hair
  •  No moisturising treated area
  •  No excessive sweating
  •  No touching treated area

 Days 5-7 post treatment session:

  •  You can start to wash your head/hair again but only using warm water
  •  Moisturise head daily, using a fragrance free moisturiser (Moisturise as much as possible to ensure that your treatment holds the best it can)
  •  Can start to cut/hair hair on scalp again
  •  Avoid excessive sweating until after 7 days post treatment

For 28 days until after your treatment avoid the following:

  • Direct Sunlight
  •  Swimming
  •  Saunas and Steam room